Forget all that You have Color Combinations like Pink and Green should never be seen, heard. Each color has its soulmate – even if at first glance it does not look like Love. These unlikely couples may seem scary, but they are not. We just need a boost of energy, and the colors are there to give us exactly that. A boost that most of us basically receive with open arms.

The 1980s want to come into our lives and especially into our closets and I’m not angry about that. High-waisted silhouettes, Balloon Denim and textured shoulders are some of the trends that seem to be back in full force for spring/summer 2024. And among these trends, striking color combinations should not be left out.


The recipe for successful color blocking? The combination of two or more bright colors in the same Look. Yellow and Orange, Orange and pink, different shades of green and red, cyan sapphire and Burgundy are some of my personal favorites. The yellow is friendly, sunny and optimistic, just like that beautiful plaid dress I saw on Mango. Orange is soothing like this Chunky Ombre Cardigan (on sale!). Green, like Bottega Veneta’s mini Jodie Bag, is a breath of fresh air and the color of the Season! Pink, such a bright and vibrant color that we can see in this awesome Anthropological dress inspired by wildlife in different shades. sapphire is the color of the ocean and the sky and it makes you immediately wrap yourself in a floating dress. Finally, Burgundy is a rich and refined shade. Sophistication is exactly the word that comes to mind when I think of this awesome pair of shoes. And the best part is that with a good kitten heel you don’t have to compromise on comfort.

Orange and yellow

Forest green, red and yellow

The Color Blocking trend in Scandinavia., usually known for more neutral, stands out. Like the other major fashion capitals, Sweden, Denmark and Norway each hold their own fashion weeks with some pretty cool brands in their repertoire. Scandi Street Style, like New York and London, is all about fresh, wearable pieces and tell me to a person who doesn’t feel like it. I know it’s me.

If you feel that bright shades are too risky for you, try creamy pastels instead. Saturated tones give a boost of energy to any outfit, but soft, feminine colors, although they are more restrained and restrained, also have their share of style. The most important thing now that spring has come is to walk on the right foot, I mean, color. Experiment with Your Style and have Fun!

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