These twig reindeer ornaments are made with small Y-shaped twigs collected in the yard. Add ribbon or yarn scarves, pompom noses and googly eyes, and you’ve got a set of adorably goofy little reindeer to hang on the Christmas tree.

The inspiration for these little twig reindeer ornaments came from the “naughty reindeer” twigs we made several years ago. These reindeer were made with larger twigs, and we used them for a fun daily activity that my toddlers and preschoolers loved (you can read more about it here).


Today’s twig reindeer ornament is a smaller version. These little guys are about the length of my thumb. This is a very simple project, so you can make a whole bunch of them in no time, to scatter all over your tree.

Because these twig reindeer are small and light, they are perfect to be attached to a gift or Christmas card.


Picking your twigs is an activity in itself. Send the kids to look for Y-shaped twigs in your garden, or take a hike in your neighborhood or in nature and collect them along the way.


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  • Y-shaped twigs small but sturdy
  • Garden snipers
  • Glue gun
  • Red pompoms
  • Ribbon/wire
  • Jingle bells or decorative beads/buttons (optional)
  • Brown paint/brush (optional-we didn’t paint our twigs)
  • Metal wire (for hanging)

Time needed: 30 minutes.

How to Make Tiny Reindeer Ornaments

Collect The Twigs

Take the children out into the yard or on a walk to collect your twigs.
Look for small sturdy Y-shaped twigs that can be cut to 2-3 inches.

Cut the Twigs

With the garden shears, cut the twigs to about 2-3 inches in length. Remove large pieces and loose bark.
Paint twigs (optional)
If your children want to paint their twigs, now is the time to do it. Let it dry.

Add a scarf

Tie thread or a piece of ribbon around the right part of the twig.

Add a face

Glue a pompom nose just above the scarf and two googly eyes at the base of the “Y”.
Add embellishments (optional)
Attach a bell, bead or button to your reindeer’s scarf.

Add suspension wire

Tie a piece of metal wire tightly around one of the antlers of your reindeer. Tie the loose ends together and secure them with a knot.

Now hang your adorable reindeer on the Christmas tree or attach them to the gifts you will give this Christmas.

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