Here are some of the main trends this spring and how to add them effortlessly into our wardrobes. But first, let’s be real and ask the often asked question:

Are we really in the mood for spring?

We had the sweatpants, the zoom call work clothes, the glamorous dresses to dress without going anywhere, and even the pillowcases (and bags). In 2023, we wrapped ourselves in a cozy ball and began to find ways to curb our fears. He scrolled us through our phones to take photos from the previous year – our nephew’s birthday, our dinners with friends who collided with old flames at parties and much more. We mercilessly clung to memories of social activities from time to time. But it’s no longer comforting to wrap our heads in pillows and constantly scroll through the holiday files of the past. We began to let go and dared to dream about the future.

This season’s spring trends are a mix of what we’ve learned about ourselves and the outside world during the recent times. This year, spring is the time to stay anchored and at the same time open the window and allow us to fantasize again…

The needles are ready !

The lockdowns and restrictions have meant that we are alone with ourselves more than ever–perhaps more than anyone else hoped. In solitude, we had to become our best company. One of the biggest trends arising from the containment is the increase in the number of people who devote themselves to crafts. Knitting, sewing, crocheting, netting – everything that could keep hands moving and creativity flowing. As part of this growing independent activity, the designers adopted these elements for the spring.

Try a chunky Bottega Veneta knitted dress or a finely built crochet skirt by Eckhaus Latta. And, just let you know that mangoes also make an excellent crocheted skirt here.

The growing value of the woven craft has made us stop settling for boring knitwear.

The brighter, the better!

Green is known as the color of creativity, sapphire is the color of serenity and pink is the color of playfulness. This season, the colors are pecked and restore our visual senses that have been lost during the long winter.

They are not every ordinary shade. We have shades of sapphire as bright as a Yves Klein sapphire, roses that require our immediate attention, and greens made from the purest pigment.

The great thing about these colors is that you don’t need a complete outfit.

Take neutral beige in your wardrobe (like those camel pants hanging on the back), pick up a white shirt and combine it with a bright sapphire hat or green boots. A simple touch of bright color is enough to revitalize your entire look.

Maybe this spring it’s finally time for you to dip your toes in a pool of paint that you’ve been hesitating on. Have fun with and remember that fashion has no rules. We dress to feel as good as to look good. If you like color, why not try this gorgeous two-tone sapphire Dress from Staud?

A seasonal romance!

Let’s dream again, and this time not about the past centuries or last year. Cecilie Bahnsen and Molly Goddard have created an exact plan of how to fantasize about the present.

For this spring trend you will need: puff sleeves, layers of tulle, full skirts (additional fancy dots for a transparent overlay), voluminous hem of 3/4 length and a pinch of ornaments – (beads and crystals), if you want.

Although it looks like a lot of fabric or too large a shape, draping must be light enough to create this floating illusion.

It may not be an immediate reality, but it is important to desire life again. One tulle skirt after another.

Boyfriend Blazer!

We go to our favorite thrift stores and buy these textured blazers in the men’s fashion department. No seams required. The oversized and boxy cut is here to stay and the epaulettes serve to protect the awesome shape.

Just wear it with a T-shirt, your favorite jeans and boots for an outfit that looks instantly assembled. The oversized shape helps to streamline the formal element and keep things relaxed. Or if sobriety is not what you are looking for, wear a belt around your waist to really highlight this gorgeous boxy element, as I did here.

Remember that blazers do not always have to be gray or brown. They can also be playful and fun!

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