To make this quick and easy Glue gun craft in a few Minutes an Ornament Knopfengel diagram. No sewing needed! You can hang Your Angel on the Christmas tree, use it as a Gift attachment or lay one at each Covered to Your Holiday table on.

Have you ever had the adorable Button-decorations for Christmas trees seen that we a few years ago in my Daycare did? The Hooligans loved, these Ornaments to establish, because they love in the Knopfleimer to scuba diving, and to love it any Excuse, a Glue Gun to use.

As I have, this Year our Button trees to the hanging Christmas tree, was clear to me that we have the same simple Technique could use for Knopfengel-Ornaments to make.

Of course, we would need something Round for the Engelskopf something for the Wings, and we would need a Halo.

I never dared to Sundanese myself and found a Strip for the Wings. I knew it was going to work, because we have a few years ago Ribbon wings for our Korkengel have done. Then I opened our Knopfleimer and discovered some Gold Buttons, the great Halos to make. I dug a little deeper and I a pair of big pearly buttons imagined the perfect Heads of our Knopfengel would result.

If You don’t have all of these Materials, I have some suggested alternatives below.

Knopfengel is a wonderful Activity for all Ages, young people AND matures. Small Children may need Help in matter of Gluing, but everyone is challenged to enjoy the perfect Buttons to find who it is in Order of its Size, stacking its Angel ornaments to make.


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  • White or off-white closure with Buttons (Angel bodies)
  • Goldener Knopf (Halo)
  • Mother-of-pearl button (Head)
  • Ribbon
  • Glue gun
  • Wire for Hanging


If You do not have gold Buttons or pearl buttons, You can use a Piece of Gold Pipe Cleaner for the Halo, and for the Head You can use a small School, a styrofoam ball, a Bell bell or even use a Pom Pom. All this worked well, we have our Seashell Angel Ornaments have done.

Time Needed: 30 Minutes.

How to make an Ornament Angel Button made

Select Your Buttons from

Go through Your Knopfsammlung and select 6-8 Buttons of different Sizes.

Sort by Size

Order Your Buttons to Size and stack them from the largest to the smallest (without Glue), in order to make sure that they are well stackable and look good.

Paste buttons

Glue the Buttons in Order from the largest to the smallest.

Head add

Glue the mother-of-pearl button rounds to the top of the Knopfstapel.

Wings add

Tie a Strip of a Loop and glue it on the Back of the Knopfstapels.

Halo and hanging Wire add

Thread the Gold Button with a Piece of hanging Fadenfaden and tie knots at the Ends to save.

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