Make a set of glittering and decorated with jewelry holiday napkin rings, using a roll of cardboard and foil. This quick and easy craft is virtually without mess, and a fun way for kids to contribute something meaningful to their festive dining table. These napkin rings would also make an excellent homemade gift for a child to offer to a parent or grandparent.

If you ever need a quick and easy craft for kids, the themed napkin rings are always winners. They require very few supplies and can be suitable for almost any occasion.

I would advise you to use paper towel rolls or wrapping paper rolls to make your napkin rings as I would put a roll of toilet paper on your table.

You can cover your cardboard roll with a number of materials if you make homemade napkin rings. Patterned paper, wrapping paper, and fabric would all work, but we’re going with foil (aluminum foil) today to add a silver sheen to our Christmas dinner.


The good thing about using aluminum foil for crafts is that you don’t have to glue it in place. Just crush it or crimp it with your fingers and it will stay in place.

To add the sparkle to the silver foil, we decorate our napkin rings with handmade precious stones and sequins. Kids love to tinker with everything that is brilliant, and these little parts provide an extra fine motor exercise.


If you don’t have gems and sequins, replace them with everything you have in your handmade closet. Buttons, stickers and handmade foam molds would work well. If you want to keep things very simple, your kids can color their aluminum towel rings with sharpies. To see the vibrating and shimmering effect, check out our aluminum and sharpie tree toppers and our CD embellishments.

These holiday towel rounds are virtually free of mess and the perfect activity to keep the kids entertained while you prepare your holiday dinner.


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Paper towel roll or kraft paper roll
Aluminum foil
white glue and/or glue gun (a glue gun is best for heavier gems)
Precious stones and handmade sequins
How to make holiday napkin rings with a cardboard roll and foil

Die-cut cardboard roll

Each napkin ring requires a 1.5-inch piece of cardboard roll, so cut your paper napkin or wrapping paper roll into as many 1.5-inch sections as you need.

Measuring and cutting Aluminum foil

Tear a piece of foil from the roll and place one of your cardboard sections on it (see photo). Cut your sheet so that it is slightly wider than your piece of cardboard and long enough so that it wraps with a certain overlap.

Wrap the sheet around the cardboard roll

Carefully roll the section of the cardboard tube along the foil. While rolling it, fold the excess foil into the tube and press it tightly (see photo).
When you reach the end of the sheet, press firmly where the sheet overlaps to smooth and fix it.
Press and pinch everything around the towel ring to tuck the edges.
Repeat this for the remaining cardboard roll pieces.


Glue your precious stones and sequins to the sheet.
The white glue works for this, but it takes some time to dry. The hot glue dries instantly and is stronger to hold heavier gems.

Won’t these shimmering homemade napkin rings be delicious on your holiday table?

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