My view on the spring trend SS21: Crochet Overlay on a Zara dress
I bet crocheted clothes will be the next “flowers for spring” for a couple of years. Yes, you heard it here first. Of course, the catch is not new. I think we’ve all crocheted in our lives because we’ve been told it’s “easier than knitting,” or that we know a family member who can. The hook was on the radar of spring trends last year (I think tach Clothing’s crochet cardigan for example), but now they are back with extraordinary creativity.

At first glance, crocheting looks like a difficult trend to follow. But it’s as easy as saving a crochet top and putting it over an old Zara dress on top. Before I asked her, I found a similar dress from Asos and this dress with puff sleeves too!! Crochet is an easy way to spring-ify your usual wardrobe pieces with minimal effort. You can use it as an accent to an outfit by overlaying or adding a crochet accessory (i.e. a bag). Or if you want to have maximum crochet effect, there are many chic items that are made entirely from crochet! Before you ask me “” what are you talking about Karen ?”I have woven you a crochet plan below…

Why does the “crochet-cool” take over the upper hand over our spring cabinets?

Valentino SS21 (crochet trend for spring)

As I mentioned in my article on spring trends, hand-woven crafts are returning because the number of people trying it at home is increasing. Of course, a beginner like me can not knit anything portable (yet!), but appreciation is there, as well as a desire to embrace the hand made with all its inconsistencies.

Another obvious reason could be because the hook is more breathable than knitted clothes (for example), which is perfect in warmer weather. It is also lightweight and can have 3D floral appliques (like the Valentino dress above). There is a certain structural advantage in crocheting, which can be easily used to illustrate our idea of spring.

How to wear the crochet trend: cardigans / tops

When you start integrating crochet, try a cardigan or top – they will look great with a spring dress or with jeans. Crocheted pieces add more texture and embellishments to an overall outfit. Take this white sundress that you wear every year and put a crocheted cardigan on top–and immediately the monochrome color will acquire a new creative charm. The great thing about the hook is that it’s perfect for this mid-spring weather-keep at the right temperature while looking exceptionally elegant. The catch is the new cool, and the “clever” image of it has finally lost.

If you have not heard about tach clothes, it’s worth taking a look, because together with many other brands and designers, their collection of crochet jackets has reached a higher level. I’ve also added some deceptions in this saved crochet top carousel that I’m wearing on top of my black Zara dress. Oh, and here’s another version of this dress too.

How to wear the crochet trend: skirts / shorts and dresses

If you are ready to increase your crochet game, try skirts, shorts or dresses. The hook works like lace, but with more texture and substance. It can be used as an accent to a garment like this gorgeous dress I found on Etsy. And he can also find chic dresses crocheted from head to toe, like this other dress on Etsy. Let’s find out what kind of hook works for you!

Since crochet uses a weaving technique, there are more than one type of pattern (from round patterns to simple crochet patterns to double heights). Which means more choice! Some crochet patterns work for you, others not so much. Therefore, take the time to look for these awesome crocheted pants or skirt!

Although, in order to facilitate your search for “this piece” and stimulate your crochet imagination, here is a carousel of some new season items that I have found. Don’t forget to check out your favorite sites like Etsy too!

I think many of you (including me!) feel a little tired of wearing something with holes because of the possible unwanted exposure when it moves. If this is the matter, a slip dress (to wear under it) will be the best friend in your wardrobe.

How to wear the trend for crocheting: bags

The crocheted bags are accompanied by bast and the straw bags beat our spring wardrobes. The increase in the popularity and options of crochet styles gave the crochet bags a status approved by the runway.

If you are not in a basket bag inspired by Jane Birkin, these crocheted bags will allow you to fully embrace spring without carrying a basket full of fresh flowers or apples.

I’m not sure about them, but something about the texture and structure of the hook exudes a relaxed spring sophistication.

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