Use a Pringles-Box or a cardboard tube, for a Christmas DIY for Your Children to make. With your Weihnachtsmannteleskop, Children, on Christmas Eve, scanning the night Sky and looking for Signs for Santa’s Sleigh looking.

For most Children Christmas Eve is the most anticipated evening of the Year, and the Sky in search of Santa Claus Signs to browse, is one of the most exciting things at this special evening.

When my Boys were little, it was one of the Traditions of our Family, on Christmas Eve, to go for a walk, to see if Santa Claus in the Sky could see him.

Of course, he escaped, we still did, but when we got home, there were Guys watching at the Window, hoping for a look at his Sleigh or Rudolph’s bright Red Nose to catch.

Here is a Photo of you, like you almost 20 Years ago, on Christmas Eve, after Santa Claus looking. They even had the whole world, with the aim of the Norad Santa Tracker Updates to follow.

The Currie-the Boys aged 6 and 3, on Christmas Eve 2003, after Santa Claus on the Prowl.

If, at the time, these Riflescopes had had a.

Our house Weihnachtsmannteleskop makes, the Search for Santa Claus on Christmas Eve, something very Special.

The Santa-Scope has no Lens, but it doesn’t do anything. The Excitement of Their Child in Connection with his Imagination, he lets every Centimeter of the Sky inspect and after the Tell-tale Signs to what Santa Claus is Near.


We have our Santa-Riflescopes painted like candy canes appearance, and then we have a white Cowhide added the Lapel of Santa’s Hat and the imitation Coat. Your Children, your Santa Claus-Riflescopes at Will paint and decorate. Sometimes Weihnachtspaper a good source of Inspiration for a Design party. Add Stickers, Glitter and Gems when You add Your chic want to make.


If You do not have Pringles-Dose, You can replace it by one of the following Kartonrollen:

  • one toilet paper (or glue 2 rolls of toilet paper)
  • papierhandtuchrolle
  • lebensmittelwickelrolle (see our Photos)
  • wrapping paper r
  • Creole


For Your Convenience, this Contribution Affiliate Links. That Amazon Partners, I earn qualified for Purchases.

Empty Pringles-Dose (or Papierhandtuchrolle, Geschenkpapierrolle, Lebensmittelverpackungsrolle, etc.)
Grackles Knife
Gesso-Primer (not mandatory, but allows the Label to cover better)
Acrylic Bastelfarbe
Claire Bastellack (optional, but adds Shine and add Your paint colors to pop)
White edge (e.g. quiltwatte, your white cotton balls and Felt)


Duration: 1 Hour.

How a Pringles Can Santa Measure power for Santa’s Christmas Eve to respect

The end of the Delete Box

Ask an mature, a gezacktes use Knife, for the turn of the metal plate on the Floor of the Pringles Box to “saw”. This will be the End of You Your Collage Disguise.
If You have a cardboard roll of Your Santa-Scope to make, skip to Step 3.


Prime the Pringles-box with one or two Layers of Gesso to Pringles the Label to cover it. Let it dry.
This step is not essential, but it helps the Label to cover, so that it is not because of Their hindurchscheint Color.
If You have a simple cardboard roll, You need not to prime.


Painting with Weihnachtsfarben a festive Design on the Box.
Maybe You need two Coats of paint, so keep a simple Design, if You have a second Time to go through. Let it dry.


Pass a Light Layer Bastellacks Its Color.
This will enhance Your paint colors, and gives it a beautiful Shine. It is also a lot ordinary cardboard tube to make them more stable. Let it dry.

Crop add

Finally, glue the white ribbon around the bottom end of Your Santa-Scopes.

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